Azucena Cierco took off her jacket to show off on Instagram


Azucena Cierco appeared this Tuesday in Un Nuevo Día with a tailored set of jacket and pants in gray. Unfortunately fans rejected her look. They asked her to even get rid of those clothes because it made her look old and it was already out of fashion.

The comment itself, shared on Instagram, reads as follows: “That set of pants does not fit the girl, it looks very old, throw it away when you get home it is no longer used.”

Regardless of whether Azucena Cierco followed the advice given by said fan or not, the host appeared on Instagram in this formal outfit to impact her figure on Instagram.

In the image, the television host appears with a daring outfit to exercise and also accompanies him with a cap that says: “Long live Mexico.” Along with the post, she also shared this comment: “Viva México! Because we are a strong, brave, powerful race! and we can move forward united for a better Mexico! “


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