Ayem Nour: Her ex is ready for custody of her son


Since entering the world of reality TV, Ayem Nour has always attracted the media. It must be said that his private life surprised more than one!

Although she has everything to preserve it, Ayem Nour’s life is now laid bare. She married Vincent Miclet, a businessman with a very large wallet.

So of course, this union made the bad tongues speak. All of them criticized the young woman’s venal aspect.

Subsequently, Ayem Nour thus became the happy mother of little Ayvin. A little boy she tries to protect as much as possible by hiding his face. Only then, tensions began to be created. The couple therefore separated in 2016.

To this day, Ayem Nour is very upset against her ex. And for good reason ! He therefore unveiled photos of his son. Moreover !


Her ex has decided to initiate proceedings to regain custody of her little boy. He therefore revealed that his ex-wife was preventing him from seeing his little one.

He has not seen his son since March 2. Vincent therefore confided to our colleagues at StarMag: “I cannot see my son, I do not even have the possibility to communicate with him in FaceTime. ”

“Whenever I try to contact him, he’s supposedly in the company of his grandmother or Ayem’s assistant. The latter always finds pretexts to never answer ”

“It also puts an end to rumors that Ayem wants to make it look like I’m missing. She has kept our relationship uncertain for years while we have been separated since 2016. ”


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