Aya Nakamura: what does she really think of Wejdene?


In her interview for PureBreak, Aya Nakamura opened up about her relationship with Wejdene. The artist has revealed what she thinks of her.

After setting the web on fire alongside Wejdene, Aya Nakamura revealed what she really thinks of her. And that’s adorable!

There are friendships one would never suspect. When Wejdene shared a snapshot with Aya Nakamura last September, no one could believe it. Indeed, the one who broke through the social network TikTok has entered the big leagues.

And that in just a few months. No one can boast of such success except the 16 year old!

So the web was set on fire: will Anissa’s interpreter record a featuring with Aya Nakamura? What are they up to? Thus, Internet users were convinced: the two music stars will work together, and release a beautiful project.

But to everyone’s surprise, there has never been a collaboration between them. When Aya Nakamura unveiled her new album, her new friend’s name did not appear on the track list. Only those of artists Stormzy, Ms Banks and Oboy are there.

Thus, questions fuse. Why did they meet a few months ago? And why had they written “What to do drool over” in the caption of their publication? Nobody understands it …

To find answers to their questions, our colleagues at PureBreak hosted the artist with 1 million records sold worldwide. And of course, they asked her what she thought of the young singer.


When questioned, Aya Nakamura doesn’t kick in touch. Indeed, the one who made the whole of France dance with Djadja and Jolie Nana evokes, in all sincerity, her relationship with Wejdene.

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“Humanly, I think she’s very cool,” she replied. Then she added, “I’m not used to doing that and I was surprisingly surprised because I still find her super mature for her age, she grows fast. Good delirium. ”

However, the young woman did not say what she thought of her sister’s music. Why did she say “humanly”? While they haven’t recorded any featuring together, would that be part of the answer?

Especially on social media, the two young women no longer follow each other. Another clue, Wejdene unfollowed him. So there would be water in the gas between the two R’N’B stars… To be continued!


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