Aya Nakamura was on the verge of Secret Story!


A few years ago, the artist Aya Nakamura would have liked to take part in the reality TV show Secret Story.

Aya Nakamura took years to date with success. In 2017, the show Secret Story invited him to join the House of Secrets.

Before making the whole of France dance, Aya Nakamura was not yet dating fame. Indeed, Aya Coco Danioko, real name, took several years to embrace success.

So the artist could have stepped into the reality TV business to achieve some notoriety. But Aisha’s mother, who received an offer in 2017, never accepted.

In short, he was not interested in joining the famous House of Secrets: “At first, when Macron had just been president, I was a little known on social networks …”

So, “I was offered to do Secret Story but I said no,” as Aya Nakamura explained. The reason is simple: “I wanted to be a singer and I didn’t want it to stick to my skin. ”

So, we have to believe that the interpreter of Djadja, Jolie Nana or Pookie did well to refuse. But also to hold on to your dreams!


In any case, Aya Nakamura has not always lived in glory. A few years ago, the singer had to work in a store to pay her rent. And all his bills …

“It went really badly. When I arrive, I’m told, ‘Do this, do that,’ it gets me drunk. Staying up all day, at 7pm, my feet hurt, ”she recalled.

Before adding: “I am told, ‘See you tomorrow, 9 a.m.’ I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, it’s still a job.’ So, Vladimir Boudnikoff’s sweetheart never set foot in this store again.

In fact, Aya Nakamura recorded her first studio album a week later. Like what, the young woman should not lose hope! Today she is ahead of everyone else.


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