Aya Nakamura was exhibited in Times Square!


This is the consecration for Aya Nakamura! The French singer is displayed on huge billboards in the middle of Times Square!

This is the consecration for Aya Nakamura. The French singer who has just unveiled her new studio album, AYA, is displayed in Times Square.

Indeed, the 26-year-old young woman who has just revealed her new album has received a nice gift from Spotify. The music giant devoted an extraordinary advertisement to him in the United States.

Thus, since this morning, the young woman has been displayed on huge advertising posters. Passers-by can therefore admire the star from a great height.

A boon for the young woman who wishes to diversify her audience. And that goes through an evolution of his music, which can be seen on his latest album.

Indeed, for this third opus, Aya Nakamura has opted for featurings with international stars. Among them, Stormy, Oboy and Ms Banks, therefore.


On social media, Aya Nakamura fans were quick to rule when they saw their idol on the streets of Times Square. “OMG, but Aya, you are a queen,” “really the best Aya, I wanna hear nothing,” “Aya, in New York, but the goal what,” we read on Twitter.

The young woman therefore falls into the category of French stars to invade the world! Before her, there was the Belgian Angèle, Stromae, or even Gims!

Since the release of her album AYA, the young woman is therefore first. She climbs to first place, ahead of Ninho, Dadju and Naza, just that!

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The pretty brunette, who recently gave an interview to Mouloud Achour, a few days before the release of his album is therefore in heaven. A few hours ago, the clothing brand Pretty Little Things gave the singer a beautiful cake to celebrate the release of her new opus, therefore.


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