Aya Nakamura talks about domestic violence!


Guest of Léa Salamé in a new episode of “Powerful Women”, Aya Nakamura then confided in the violence she suffered.

In March 2019, Aya Nakamura posted a photo of her swollen face in her Instagram story. A year and a half later, the very famous singer then returns to the domestic violence of which she was a victim …

As you probably know, Aya Nakamura therefore suffered the fits of rage of her ex-companion. In March 2019, she then unveiled her aftermath on Instagram.

Guest of Léa Salamé in the episode of Powerful Women released on December 18, the artist then returned to this dark affair …

“I published it without necessarily expecting anything … But when I saw everything that was going on, the media that took it all over, etc.

I said to myself: ‘Wow! Oh no, I don’t actually want to anymore. I was still a little ashamed […] I didn’t think this could happen to me.

I posted because I wanted to, to say look, this happened to me too ’. »But Aya Nakamura regrets not having spoken…


Faced with Léa Salamé, Aya Nakamura displays her regret. That of not having lodged a complaint, of not having told her story, of having remained silent.

“I could have done like everyone else and related what happened … I think I was a bit cowardly on that one …

I’m like, ‘If this happened to someone close to me, I would be outraged, so why not for myself?’

Today I would file a complaint and on top of that I would try to get a message across by telling everything that happened. ”

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