Aya Nakamura takes revenge on the accusing stylist!


Singer Aya Nakamura takes revenge on a stylist who accused her of plagiarism! We’ll give you more details.

Aya Nakamura ends up taking revenge on the stylist who accused her of plagiarism!

We no longer present her to you, the singer is the Francophone female artist of the year. For a few years now, Aya Nakamura has established herself on the forefront of the French music scene.

The young woman only releases big hits. In April 2019, fans of the singer discovered her brand new track: Pookie.

The 25-year-old artist very quickly found himself at the heart of a heated controversy. This time around Aya Nakamura is the target of a stylist who goes by the name of Kyojino.

The latter indeed accuses the young artist of plagiarism. She would have stolen two looks from him. Just that.

It is indeed two dresses and a fur. The stylist explains that he presented the looks in question to her a few months before the release of the music video for her song Pookie.

Shocked, Kyojino therefore reacted very quickly on social networks. Indeed, he did not wait long before denouncing the young woman on Twitter!

“Steal the moodboard I made for you and give it to your team to redo my artistic direction on her last clip… I think I’m dreaming! “Could we read on the social network. Thus, Kyojino accuses the singer of having stolen her trend board to use it for her music video.

The story obviously does not end there. The young mother had even very quickly responded to these accusations.


The young singer therefore decided to answer him. “Ideas belong to those who realize them. Goodbye thanks. She wrote on Twitter.

The singer continues to deny all these accusations. Eventually she tells him that if he doesn’t agree, all he has to do is press charges.

The arrogance of Aya Nakamura will not leave indifferent the young stylist who decides to go even further. This time around, Kyo Jino decides to take legal action.

After a formal notice, the artistic director also claimed the sum of 50,000 euros for compensation from the singer. Finally he ends up going to court.

The 23-year-old creator therefore sued Aya Nakamura for “parasitism” before the Nanterre tribunal de grande instance. Except that the complainant made a mistake.

Indeed, he sent the summons to the wrong address. Eh yes ! “So we are not aware of any implication. The artist’s lawyer said.

This small error will still be quickly corrected. Unfortunately for Kyo Jino justice will rule in favor of the singer. Indeed, the comparisons between Ibrahim Coulibaly’s “moodboard” and the clip did not allow “to establish similarities”.

Djaja’s interpreter then mocked the stylist on social media. “How much did you want already?” 50K eh. Have a nice day. She wrote on Snapchat. Case closed.


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