Aya Nakamura tackles Nikos Aliagas once again!


Aya Nakamura still doesn’t like Nikos Aliagas! She continues to attack him by tackling him again! Aya Nakamura is not giving up on Nikos Aliagas! She just tackled him once again on her show on 50 ’Inside!

Aya Nakamura will never forget Nikos Aliagas’s mistake! In 2019, she climbed the steps of the Palais des Festivals in Cannes to attend the 21st edition of the NRJ Music Awards.

At that time, she was not as well known as it is today. Many people did not know who she was. Starting with Nikos Aliagas!

When he named her live, he scratched her name: “Yaka Nakamura”. It had made the canvas laugh. But it was a real shock for the artist who expressed her anger! On Twitter, she had therefore written:

“You don’t invite people when you can’t say their name correctly.” But later, Aya Nakamura confided that she buried the hatchet with the presenter.

Only here, it does not seem so true! Many people think she still hasn’t forgiven him! This Saturday, January 16, Nikos invited her to 50 ’Inside.


They watched the singer’s appearance at the NRJ Music Awards. Nikos Aliagas therefore commented: “Ah, that’s where we got to know each other over a misunderstanding!”

So Aya Nakamura gave him a little tackle: “That’s my impulsive side. I was not happy. I am proud to have mixed Aya and Nakamura, I think it’s pretty ”

Subsequently, the journalist asked the meaning of “Djadja”: “Djadja we do not know who it is, we will never know? There is indeed a moment when you will have to say it… ”

Something to which Aya Nakamura therefore replied: “No, you don’t. But I know, but you don’t ”. Hey hop, one more tackle!


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