Aya Nakamura: subscribers were shocked!


Rumors are rife about Aya Nakamura. While she had just formalized her relationship, she uses a subliminal message!

Did Aya Nakamura send a message? His fans are sure of it and some, it seems. So what did the “Pookie” performer reveal on her social media?

You can tell, Aya Nakamura has a lot to talk about these days. The famous singer is in any case successful with men, and she knows it.

Not long ago, she lived a roller coaster romance with the famous rapper Niska. A relationship that did not last long after all.

Since then, she has moved on, having settled down with Vlad, her producer. At the same time, some curious people thought that she had fallen under the spell of another!

In an Instagram photo, we see her arm in arm next to Stormzy. However, there is nothing between the Malian and the British rapper.

Shortly after rumors of infidelity about Vlad, Aya Nakamura is said to have separated from her Jules. All in a discreet way, not without leaving a subliminal message.


After sorting through her photos, Aya Nakamura celebrated her celibacy as it should. The beautiful young woman therefore began to post ever more maddening selfies.

In Instagram story, we see her doing the beautiful, carefree. All in music, and not just any kind!

Aya Nakamura played Céliba Ka Ba from Saa’Turn and DJ Mafieu! An effective way to convey that she is single again.

“[She] really used Celiba Ka Ba to tell 2.6 million people that she was single? One fan asked on Instagram. The answer seems unequivocal.

For Vlad, the producer, “everything becomes much clearer,” he captioned a photo. The message, no longer so subliminal that it seems past!


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