Aya Nakamura still with Vladimir Boudnikoff?

Is singer Aya Nakamura still in a relationship with her producer, Vladimir Boudnikoff? Clues sow doubt. Vladimir Boudnikoff, his darling and his producer, would have already deceived Aya Nakamura. Has the singer already left him for infidelity?

Love goes away and it comes back. According to netizens, Aya Nakamura is once again a heart to take. This, since she learned of the infidelity of her darling, Vladimir Boudnikoff.

Indeed, it is said that the producer of the singer would not be very honest with her. According to our colleagues at StarMag, he would have already deceived him.

So the handsome blond is said to have dated an “artistic director of a very famous R’n’B rap singer.” By the way, this one would be called “Jessica”.

Especially since the young woman does not deny the rumors. Asked by the site, the latter assured to have a relationship with him.

“She thinks their story is serious, but it’s nothing more than a little story for Vlad. A guy, sweet, simple and hardworking. But he’s not really clean! ”

“When Aya Nakamura got hold of him, I had been sleeping with him for a month already. And it continued after she formalized their relationship. ”


However, Aya Nakamura does not believe the rumors about her boyfriend. Thus, it is on his Twitter account that the artist wanted to react.

“It’s so yucky to invent such things,” wrote the interpreter of Djadja, Jolie Nana or Tchop. It’s very simple: for her, her boyfriend is serious with her.

At the same time, StarMag had added a layer. The site has indeed published vocals, in which we hear a male voice.

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“In case there is a story, I will deny it to Aya Nakamura […] It will be said that it is pure invention, and that the person made a cut,” he explained.

So very annoyed by the rumors, Vladimir Boudnikoff spoke on his Instagram account. “I have never seen this girl. Never had a lover, and never cheated on the woman I love. ”

“I would never want to mar the image of the queen. All this is a great hidden blackmail the better to believe it. Concentrate on yourself, on the jealous of the success of others… It will already be not bad, ”he concluded.



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