Aya Nakamura: She laughs at her departure from Vladimir!


Aya Nakamura starts the bachelor year! The young woman to part with her darling Vladimir. And his fans are already laughing!

For a few months now, Aya Nakamura then lived the perfect love with her darling Vladimir. But this Tuesday, January 5, the young woman declared that she was single!

It must be said that the couple between the singer and Vladimir had been flailing for several weeks. And for good reason, the young man would have deceived Aya Nakamura. He had tried to defend himself at the time by saying this was all wrong.

On his Instagram account, Vladimir, who is also the producer of Aya Nakamura, then tried to justify himself. He also took the opportunity to declare his love to the singer.

“Never seen this girl. Never had a lover. I have never cheated on the woman I love. And I would never want to mar the image of the queen. All this is a great hidden blackmail the better to believe it. Concentrate on yourself, on those who are jealous of the success of others… It will not be bad ”.


But today, it looks like the couple are separated. Aya Nakamura and Vladimir were on vacation together in Dubai at the time.

The young woman ended her vacation alone. So she posted a story on which she dances on the title “Céliba Ka BA”. But that’s not all. She then retweeted a message that read “Aya single.”

Fans reacted immediately. And to say the least, they weren’t kind to her. Indeed, the latter strongly mocked the singer on social networks.

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And for good reason, Aya Nakamura’s last album was particularly devoted to love. The fans were therefore disillusioned when they saw that the young woman was now single. “Hi Aya. Can you release a special broken heart album for us? With your last album, we seriously believed in love. We were wrong, “we read on Twitter.

Or again: “Aya Nakamura therefore really released an album of 17 sounds on her boyfriend only to drop him two months later. I love this energy. “


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