Aya Nakamura responds to haters that criticize their attitude


On social networks, a good number of Internet users cannot stand Aya Nakamura’s diva air. She responds to her haters!

Would Aya Nakamura behave like a diva? As people keep clashing her, the artist has responded to her haters.

Enough is enough ! Since the beginning of her fame, Aya Nakamura has not been unanimous. Indeed, haters abound on social networks.

Thus, the portrayal of Djadja, Jolie Nana and Pookie is often the subject of criticism. A good number of Internet users find her contemptuous and haughty.

Others, revolutionary. It must be said that in recent years, the artist has revolutionized the world of music with her own style and language.

But the pretty brunette always prefers to go above. So, the one who no longer coos in the arms of her producer, Vladimir Boudnikoff, never bother to answer them.

After all, the new mother doesn’t have time to worry about her detractors. However, Aya Nakamura has just broken her own rule. For once, the artist has decided to give them importance …

So, it was in the magazine Marie Claire that Aiche’s mother decided to answer her haters. And she didn’t bother to put on gloves!


Indeed, Aya Nakamura does not care about her criticism. Nevertheless, the singer took the time to explain that she is not “a revolutionary”.

“I’m just doing my thing. But I can see that people don’t think like me and don’t look like me. And indeed, it can rush them, ”she explained.

Before adding: “I say out loud what people think softly. I’ve always been like that, a little I-don’t care. Above all, I like to “be well”. ”

Thus, Aya Nakamura claims to be “at ease, with (her), others, (her) beliefs, (her) thoughts”. The rest ? “It’s none of my business,” she assured.


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