Aya Nakamura, Patrick Sébastien is being fought violently!


Patrick Sébastien said what he thought of the artists of the new generation who are a hit like Aya Nakamura or the rapper JuL!

Patrick Sébastien is not really a fan of JuL and Aya Nakamura! 2 artists who are nevertheless a hit with their latest respective albums “Loin du monde” and “Aya”!

As they say, “Tastes and colors cannot be discussed. So we cannot necessarily say that the artists JuL or even Aya Nakamura appeal to Patrick Sébastien!

Indeed, in an interview with the magazine 100% TV programs … The latter completely let go! Thus, the host did not mince his words about the artists of the new generation!

“I have a harder time with Aya Nakamura or Jul, I feel these singers don’t understand what they’re saying. I’m not saying it’s bad, it’s just not my thing, “he said!


If Patrick Sébastien is not really a fan of Aya Nakamura, Internet users adore the singer! The 25-year-old artist’s latest clip “Plus Jamais” is a hit!

In fact, in just 4 days, the clip on YouTube has accumulated more than 2 million views! A real feat for the interpreter of “Jolie Nana”! Comments are counted in the thousands!

“A masterpiece this track, by far my favorite from Aya Nakamura’s album! Or: “Stormzy and Aya’s voices blend so well”, “Sweetest sound of 2020, I’ve been listening to it on repeat since its release!” ”

Can we read on the video platform! Comments all more positive than the others which will therefore please the young woman of 25 years! Besides, one thing is certain, the number of likes is unlikely to stop increasing!

We let you in your turn admire the clip in question “Never again”. A song in feat with the English rapper Stormzy!