Aya Nakamura officially separated from Vladimir Boudnikoff


Aya Nakamura hinted that she was no longer with Vladimir Boudnikoff! Indeed, on Instagram the young woman left the doubt.

On vacation in Dubai for several days … Aya Nakamura has just hinted that she has become single again! So her fans are wondering if the singer has split from Vladimir Boudnikoff!

For several months, Aya Nakamura seems happier than ever! Indeed, the 25-year-old has found love! In addition, the interpreter of “Fly” even displays his relationship with Vladimir Boudnikoff on social networks!

A new couple who seemed solid…. Even after rumors of infidelity from his jules! Only here, this Monday, January 4, 2020, the beautiful Aya posted a song in her Instagram story whose title is very ambiguous!

It is indeed the title “Celiba ka ba” (Celibacy is cool, in French) by Saa’turn! Aya Nakamura’s fans therefore believe that Aya Nakamura has once again become a heart to take …


So many fans have reacted to Aya Nakamura’s mysterious post via her Instagram story! Indeed, on Twitter, several of them said that the beautiful brunette was single again!

“Have you seen Aya’s story? Apparently she had to leave her boyfriend… Because here she is in celiba ka ba mode! »« Aya single again, check out her story on Instagram! ”

Or: “Aya Nakamura has finally left Vladimir!” Otherwise she wouldn’t have posted this sound! »« Aya is back in the celibate team! »« Aya celibate again »… Vladimir must have made mistakes again! We can read on the social network about the beautiful 25-year-old singer!

Tweets to which the latter has still not replied … And you, do you think that the interpreter of “Djadja” is no longer in a relationship? To be continued …