Aya Nakamura in the mountains: she chooses a total white look!


Aya Nakamura is on vacation in the mountains for this start of the year. The young woman is regaining strength before a very busy year!

Aya Nakamura has taken a vacation in the mountains to start the new year off right. The young woman did not fail to capture these moments! We’re talking to you!

Currently the singer is lounging in a ski resort, certainly in France. Besides, she doesn’t hesitate to post photos of her on vacation. Whether on his skis or typing the pose. Aya Nakamura dazzled us with her white outfit. Always very stylish, she was dressed in white flocked Chanel jogging pants. As well as a white quilted down jacket.

We therefore understand that wherever she is, Djadja’s interpreter does not fail to dress! Aya is having a good time in her chalet which she has revealed to us. To end the day, the star opted for a moment of relaxation at the spa! You must rest well before

Indeed, Aya Nakamura appears in the list of talented singers who will perform at Coachella. It is one of the biggest festivals in the world and the young woman is fortunate to have been selected. Besides, she herself can’t get over it, she’ll perform the same day as Travis Scott. An opportunity for her to take her music to another continent.

Namely, the 24-year-old is not unknown there. So as an example, Madonna posted a video of her two daughters on Insta singing the title “Djadja”. Other videos of Neymar or Rihanna dancing on the tube also shot on social networks. No doubt, Aya Nakamura’s music knows no boundaries!

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