Aya Nakamura mocked by a user for writing her album!


How did singer Aya Nakamura write her new album? On Twitter, a user imagined the situation. Aya Nakamura’s phrasing, heard in her pieces, never ceases to amaze her audiences. A surfer imagined the way she wrote her album.

All those who have already listened to music by singer Aya Nakamura cannot dispute it. She has a language of her own.

Indeed, the interpreter of Djadja, Jolie Nana or even Pookie has her own way of writing the lyrics of her songs.

Moreover, we can notice that some of its expressions have entered everyday language. No artist can claim to revolutionize French culture at this point!

Aurore Vincenti, a linguist for Le Petit Robert, had also congratulated Franceinfo. According to her, Aya Nakamura helps enrich Molière’s language.

“A language that renews itself, that within it sees the birth of new words, it is a language that is doing well,” she explained.

So beware of those who think it destroys the French language. For Aurore Vincenti, it’s quite the opposite. “When the word ‘djo’ comes up, it’s not going to remove the words ‘man’ or ‘man’. It’s one more word! ”


However, some people do not see Aya Nakamura’s language the same way. For some, it is still very abstract.

In fact, a user has just laughed at her on the blue bird social network. Indeed, a young man imagined the way the artist wrote his new album.

So Aya Nakamura would put her words not on a piece of paper or a computer. But on a piece of terra cotta with a small stick.

And of course, she would use hieroglyphics rather than words. For the moment, the main interested party has not yet reacted to her tweet. Will she do it?


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