Aya Nakamura and Maluma featuring on the remix of Djadja


It’s official: Aya Nakamura Maluma will collaborate on the Djadja remix!

While Hatik has just released “Ali”, a new song from the deluxe edition of Folding Chair , other artists are preparing heavy! After the huge success of his second opus Nakamura , Aya Nakamura has just struck a big blow with a collaboration that will make a lot of noise…

We have just learned, but the Latin music superstar Maluma is preparing a remix of “Djadja“! The interpreter behind “Sin Contrato”, “Corazon” , “Mala Mia” or more recently “ADMV” has just posted a video on his Instagram account with an extract from the title. Listen and we’ll talk about it right after!


In the middle of his awards and his gold records, Maluma makes us discover the first notes of the remix of “Djadja” Latin version and it promises to be a real bop for this summer! After having hit the shelves in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Romania, Israel and even Germany (where a remix with singer Loredana Zefi has already been released), the path to success is not yet finished for this produced tube by Le Side …

We can’t wait to see how it goes! Otherwise, in the rest of the music news, Jul surprises with his cover of “Nuit de Folie” the tube of Beginning of Evening ! We did not expect that…

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