Aya Nakamura: LREM MP praises your creativity!


A deputy has just praised Aya Nakamura! Indeed, the latter qualified the work of the singer as “remarkable”!

Children and adults, men and women: Aya Nakamura’s new album, “Aya” seems to have won over everyone … Even MPs!

While Aya’s new project is already a success, an LREM MP wanted to talk about the artist! Indeed, Rémi Rebeyrotte covered the 24-year-old singer with compliments!

“When I see young people like Aya Nakamura who today through her song is reinventing a number of French expressions, it strikes me as absolutely remarkable. ”

“That is to say, it is bringing new expressions and developments of the language to the international level. And that, these are extremely powerful things ”, he thus launched! Compliments that will please the sublime Aya Nakamura.


This Thursday, November 19, 2020, Aya Nakamura posted a video of her on Instagram in which we could see her dancing to the song “Favorite” from her latest album!

A post that Internet users loved! In fact, in barely 24 hours, the video has reached 300,000 views! A record for the pretty Aya! The comments are also very numerous!

“My favorite track from the album … it is! “” The most beautiful of singers! »« But what a beauty this Aya! A real diva! I hope this song has the right to a great clip! “” This title is great. You and O Boy are a great duo! You can read on Aya Nakamura’s social network.

Messages all more positive than the others! It will therefore be a great pleasure for the artist. So we let you in turn watch the video in question below! Warning the eyes ! Aya is divine!

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