Aya Nakamura leopard dress and red wig, She caused sensation


Singer Aya Nakamura just posted a photo of her new wig! Internet users loved her ultra sexy red hair! Aya Nakamura has just dazzled the canvas! Indeed, Djadja’s interpreter has just posted a photo of her new hair color … A sublime hyper vibrant red!

Aya Nakamura is not afraid to think outside the box. So, the young woman has just changed her hair color! So it went from black to red! However, that Internet users can rest assured, Aya, I don’t change my hair color like my shirt… This is obviously a wig!

Internet users loved this new hair style. Indeed, the publication with its new hair color has accumulated thousands of likes … Many Internet users have also commented. We let you discover the photo in question below! Remember to put on your sunglasses, Aya is radiant with beauty!


False nails, false hair, false eyelashes … Aya Nakamura has never hidden her love for artifices. Indeed, in Cosmopolitan, she even confided in this subject. Thus, the artist had deciphered her look. “ I totally assume myself. I put on false nails, false eyelashes, strands, I actually like it. I’m an unnatural girl, but you can’t blame me. This is how I am. ” Had entrusted the artist. Indeed, Aya loves to change the wig according to her desires. Blue, green, black and now red: the young woman is not afraid to dare all styles … And she’s right!

In fact, internet users love its new red wig! Indeed, they made it known on the web! ” This Aya Nakamura wig fits you too well”, “But what a beauty!” I love your hair “,” Too beautiful Aya! You’re sublime with this wig , it is too well posed, “ can we read on the social network.


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