Aya Nakamura leaving Vladimir Boudnikoff?


It is now official. Singer Aya Nakamura has definitely broken up with her darling and producer, Vladimir Boudnikoff.

At the beginning of December, there were rumors that Vladimir Boudnikoff was cheating on Aya Nakamura. The break seemed inevitable.

At the start of 2021, everything seems to be over between Aya Nakamura and Vladimir Boudnikoff. Indeed, several clues put the tip in the ear!

After posing pictures on vacation with her boyfriend in the Dubai desert, the Pookie interpreter has already deleted them from her Insta account.

Now there is just one post from Aya Nakamura in a pink bikini published a few days ago and again liked by Vladimir Boudnikoff.

But if the couple posted again this Sunday the images of the same White Nights party of Aya Nakamura, the singer posted in Instagram story an image of herself alone. But that’s not all ! In the background, the latter added the song Céliba Ka Ba by Saa’Turn ft DJ Mafieu released in 2012. Then a photo with her daughter captioned by “Life”.

Finally, when the Twitter account marked “SINGLE AYA,” Aya Nakamura retweeted. That seems to clarify the situation.


Aya Nakamura’s producer was quick to respond. Thus, he indicated in a story on his Insta account that he was spending one last night in Dubai. He then posted a video of him riding a motorbike in the desert. And to illustrate a landscape with the sun in the dunes, the young man wrote: “Everything becomes much clearer…”.

Then he also posed alone observing a very large desert. And it was still alone that he took his picture in the mirror in the lobby of his hotel. Finally, he filmed himself on the plane back from that trip.

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However, nothing very clear. Aya Nakamura’s ex has always denied rumors: “Never cheat on the woman I love. I would never want to mar the image of the queen. All this is a great blackmail to conceal the better to believe it. Concentrate on you, on the jealous ones of the success of the others… It will be already not bad “, he wrote on his profile.


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