Aya Nakamura and Jennifer preceded by Brigitte Macron in the hearts of young people!


Brigitte Macron is ahead of Aya Nakamura and Jenifer in an amazing poll. It was produced by Okapi magazine for almost 10-14 year olds. Brigitte Macron takes the lead and comes to place in 4th position in the hearts of the youngest . The First Lady of the country even precedes Aya Nakamura and Jenifer .

Unlike her husband, Brigitte Macron can rejoice. Thus, it won the hearts of the French … Or at least, that of the youngest. Indeed, this Wednesday, January 29, we discovered an amazing survey. In it, the wife of the President of the Republic ranks in 4th position. Just that !

Okapi magazine released the survey. This is therefore its 2020 ranking of women of the year . You will understand, the list is made from the opinion of the youngest. 10-14 to be precise. Besides, some results are quite amazing. And yes, Brigitte Macron does indeed come in 4th position. It must be believed that she succeeded in seducing the young public. She therefore walks past Aya Nakamura , Jenifer and Lady Gaga.

We know that Aya Nakamura and Jenifer are at the top. It’s simple, all their success. The two young women chain successes. Besides, the pop star will very soon perform in America. Thus, a concert will take place in Quebec next April. However, the singers were beaten by Brigitte Macron. It is quite unexpected. Young people therefore prefer our First Lady to the stars of the song!

Brigitte Macron’s commitment to teens may be the reason. In fact, she often visits schools and hospitals. She also takes part in the yellow pieces operation alongside Didier Deschamps. What is certain is that 10-14 year olds are not only interested in soccer and song stars. But who is in first position? Suspense… It’s mom ! How cute.

We let you discover the classification .


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