Aya Nakamura is proud of her first NMA!


In Story of her Instagram account, Aya Nakamura shared a video of Nikos Aliagas giving him his very first NMA!

A few years ago, Aya Nakamura and Nikos Aliagas had a huge clash. Indeed, for the first NRJ Music Awards, the latter repeated mistakes on his name which did not please the main interested party at all.

Angry at Nikos Aliagas’s mistakes, Aya Nakamura said on Twitter: “You don’t invite people when you can’t say your name correctly. Last time “. Since then, she had looked up.

This year, Aya Nakamura did not attend the NMAs. She received her award by video. And had asked Nikos to bring him on occasion. And the latter has kept his word. The two also made peace in 50’Inside.

Indeed, Nikos brought the young woman on the set. He also showed her an excerpt from her first time at the NMAs. He added, “This is where we got to know about a misunderstanding.”


Aya Nakamura then replied, “I was really terrified.” The host then asked, “What were you scared of, Aya? Forget my launch where I messed up “.

A reminder that allowed Aya Nakamura to return to their clash. Regarding her tweet, she said, “After that, it’s my impulsive side. I can’t do anything about it ”. To the surprise, Nikos understood his anger.

He replied, “At the same time, you were being honest. You said how you felt “. After this little scene of reconciliation, Nikos even reserved a little surprise for the singer. She looked surprised.

Indeed, Nikos personally handed her the trophy she had won at the NMAs. Aya Nakamura then revealed: “I will make a special room for the trophies”. The beauty remembered this memory on Instagram!


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