Aya Nakamura is open-hearted in an Apple Music interview


Aya Nakamura is hugely successful. The star is preparing to release a new album and confides in her life for Apple Music.

Aya Nakamura is about to release a new album “Aya”. The star gave some info on her new record as well as her private life for Apple Music.

Aya Nakamura recently participated in the MTV EMAs and hoped to win the prize for Best French artist against M Pokora, Gims, Soprano or even Vitaa & Slimane. Nevertheless, the singer lost to the sweetheart Christina Milian and made no secret of her disappointment.

Still, the 25-year-old star has moved on and is focused on releasing her new album. On November 13, she will release her record called “Aya”. She has already promoted it on Instagram and presented a few titles such as “Doudou” or “Love de moi”.

For her new album, Aya Nakamura chose to name her album after her first name. So, she told Apple Music that she wanted to talk a little more about her life and open up to fans.

“I am not afraid to show all sides of my personality. I did it by talking about my life. Aya’s. And why not just call her “Aya” ?, she explains.


Thus, in her new album, Aya Nakamura will highlight her private life and assure Apple Music that the album will be “very intimate”. It will therefore be a question of talking about her role as a mother. “This side where I am quiet at home, with my daughter, with my family or after I go to work. I think some people don’t even realize it, ”she said.

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In addition to talking about personal matters, the singer will also take risks in “Aya”. Indeed, she wanted to try new things and had a great time in the studio.

“I still wanted to do different styles, and sounds like ‘Fly’. Or just “Growing Feeling”. It’s very different. “Fly”, I indulged a little, that’s the more sensitive side. »She admits for Apple music.

Finally, Aya Nakamura wanted to thank her fans for all their support. Thus, the song “Sentiments Grandissants” is a “real nod to its fanbase”. Then, her friends have all already heard her new album and validate it 100%!


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