Aya Nakamura is happy to be “I am below”!


In a 20-minute interview with our colleagues, Aya Nakamura boasts of having evolved during her career! Her 20-minute interview gave Aya Nakamura a chance to talk about her development, her new album as well as current affairs.

In just two years, thanks to her numerous hits such as Copines, Pookie and Doudou, Aya Nakamura has become “the most listened to French-speaking artist in the world”. But then what does she think of her career?

Asked about one of the bonus tracks on the album where she sings that she’s not the same as before, Aya Nakamura replies, “Before I was more naive, I always wanted to see the positive side of things. Then I’m someone who puts things in perspective but … Now I’m more down to earth, my head is less in the clouds “.

Indeed, the young woman found success very quickly. She says, “I didn’t have enough perspective, I think I savored things as they came. I didn’t tell myself that I was the best and that it was crazy what was going on, but the numbers were huge! It was a kif but I really had my head in the handlebars “.

“I just want to get my fanbase excited and have them enjoy what I’m doing. I do not take the lead. I had never done this before and I’m starting to think like that “(…)” she adds.


Aya Nakamura was also able to discuss the release of her new album, in the current context. She says, “When we announced [the album’s release] we weren’t in lockdown, but if I had been told the album would be released when we were in lockdown I would have said no. Since it was announced and launched, the expectation was already there “.

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However, the young woman remains very positive. “I don’t know when we’ll get out of this so you might as well take advantage and try to motivate people a little.”

So stay tuned to discover Aya Nakamura’s new album, titled “Aya”, starting tomorrow!


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