Aya Nakamura is an ultra fan of the famous movie!


In the story of her Instagram account, singer Aya Nakamura revealed her adoration for the famous movie Sex and The City 2.

Sex and The City 2 movie, Aya Nakamura could watch it dozens of times. In her evening of Sunday, January 17, she put it on play again!

In recent years, Aya Nakamura has captured the hearts of French audiences. Thus, his songs with their own language have become essential.

So the pretty brunette with generous curves was invited everywhere. It’s quite simple: all events wanted to snatch the most fashionable star in the world.

So Djadja, Jolie Nana and Pookie’s interpreter hasn’t had much time for her lately. The singer was always busy!

But due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Aya Nakamura can finally claim to have time on her agenda. And you have to believe that she knows how to refill it.

Indeed, the one who will be present for the Victoires de la musique takes the opportunity to watch films and series. In any case, that’s what Aicha’s mom just proved on her Instagram account.

In her Instagram story, she showed off a clip from the movie Sex and The City 2. If it’s been released a while ago now, she can’t help but watch it again.


So, was the pretty brunette a big fan of the Sex and The City series too? For the moment, Aya Nakamura has not deigned to say more.

What we can understand, by the way. She must have been too focused in front of her film, before enjoying a delicious meal.

In any case, Aya Nakamura did not hesitate to reveal her entire evening of Sunday, January 17. Which must have made his fans very happy. Yep, they love to know more about their idol.


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