Aya Nakamura in a relationship with rapper Stormzy?


Are Stormzy and Aya Nakamura together? A video has just fed the gossip around the possible boyfriend of the interpreter of “Pookie”.

OMG! Aya Nakamura has just sowed doubt among her fans… Indeed, the star of Malian origin appears alongside British rapper Stormzy. So does that mean as far as she is with him?

Aya Nakamura’s fans therefore seem to be hanging on her lips: who is Stormzy in the eyes of the beautiful French singer?

Not long ago, the “Djadja” interpreter posted a photo that seemed to speak volumes. Anyway, in the minds of the fans, it only happened one round.

Everyone is convinced that this is his new companion … There is no denying it, both seem more than accomplices, in short.

However, should we see in this more than a simple friendship and therefore a budding relationship? All the more so since she a priori is another Jules or at least a suitor: Vlad, his producer.

To darken the picture, rumors of infidelity spread on the Web, overwhelming Aya Nakamura. And Stormzy in this whole thing, where does he go?


Our star had previously collaborated with him on a hit “Never Again”. On her personal account, the singer has therefore posed arm in arm with him, something to talk about.

However, it seems that Aya Nakamura was filming the music video for the famous song that she recorded with him. No more and no less, that’s all.

So that’s the truth about this case that burns the lips of Nakamurance. For their part, Internet users did not fail to comment on this photo and attack the star.

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“To me, just that look is deceiving,” one fan said in comments. A little helpful comment that adds to the many others she has received.

“She broke up with Vlad, for sure,” another bet, referring to the name of “the sweaty producer” with whom Aya Nakamura would share her life. For the beautiful Malian, rumors slip! To be continued …


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