Aya Nakamura: Her producer is sending a message of love!


In the story of her Instagram account, the producer of Aya Nakamura declares her love for him. He is very proud of her.

Madly in love, Aya Nakamura and her producer, Vladimir Boudnikoff, never let go. He wrote her a tender message in the story of her Instagram account.

Never has she been so overwhelmed with happiness. For some time now, life has been smiling on Aya Nakamura. Indeed, the singer tastes the success.

After having established herself in the world of music, the young woman discovers a new happiness: love.

Thus, the interpreter of Doudou, Djadja and even Jolies nana coos in the arms of her darling, a handsome blond with blue eyes.

In recent weeks, her fans have been wondering. Who was this mysterious young man? After some research, it is none other than its producer, Vladimir Boudnikoff.

So the two lovebirds can no longer separate at all. Whether at work, on the pillow and in everyday life, they cannot stay away from each other.

And the least we can say is that Aya Nakamura and Vladimir Boudnikoff have the perfect love. They have never been so close and accomplices.

To believe it, just take a look at the young man’s latest Instagram story. The main interested party has just declared her love for him. Watch out, it’s so cute!


Indeed, Aya Nakamura’s companion has once again made their relationship official. Although the latter tries to remain professional.

“We spent days, nights, weeks in the studio on this album. And if there is one thing I can guarantee, it’s that there is immense talent behind this woman. ”

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In her eyes, Aya Nakamura is “one of the greatest French artists”. Thus, Vladimir Boudnikoff asks them to “open their ears” for this opus.

And for good reason, “this album has a soul, a particular flavor”. “I hope you like it as we all enjoyed doing it,” he concluded, before thanking his staff.


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