Aya Nakamura: Her mother wanted to protect her!


Aya Nakamura almost never became a singer! Indeed, his mother has long dissuaded him from getting into music!

Aya Nakamura made an amazing revelation on the set at 8:30 p.m. on Sunday on France 2. Indeed, the star admitted that her mom was reluctant to see her make a career in music.

It’s hard to miss the Aya Nakamura phenomenon! Indeed, the 25-year-old singer has been a hit in France since the release of her first album in 2018.

The artist has convinced internet users with his dancing hits like “Dja Dja” or “Doudou”. The latter is therefore broadcast in a loop on all airwaves!

The pretty brunette is also the most popular French artist in the world! His two albums have met with immense success and have already been certified gold. Unbelievable !

However, Aya Nakamura almost never became a singer. Indeed, her mother has long dissuaded her from singing to protect her.

Invited on the set at 8:30 p.m., Le Dimanche, the It-girl made some confidences about her relationship with her mother. She then explained why the latter did not want to see her become a singer.

The artist’s mother knows the music industry very well. And for good reason: the latter has been a morello cherry singer for many years. She then knows all the faults of celebrity!

Aya Nakamura explains, “When I told her about it she wasn’t very enthusiastic about it all, because she knows it’s a man’s environment, she knows how dangerous it is. It’s rough ”.


The pretty brunette therefore had to be patient for her mother to accept her vocation. And the latter finally decided to support her at the start of her career.

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“She still pushed me when I wanted to start! “. Like what, the bomb did well to follow his dreams!

Aya Nakamura admits that her mother inspired her a lot. Indeed, the star has always admired her mother since her childhood.

“I could see the excitement around her. It was she who made me want to make music. ”

Young Aya has therefore done everything to become a singer like her mother. And the “Pookie” interpreter did well to hang on despite her warnings!

Today, the young woman is making the most of her success despite the health crisis. Indeed, the pretty brunette continues to promote her second album and prepares many surprises for her fans while waiting to go back on stage.

No doubt: Aya Nakamura has indeed found her way! And the artist is still likely to be talked about with her hits in 2021!


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