Aya Nakamura doesn’t hide her passion for food on!


Aya Nakamura, very pocket of her followers on Instagram, shares her daily life. Today she shows her passion for food.

Aya Nakamura is very present on Instagram. In story, she does not hesitate to share moments of her daily life. Today it’s food that is in the spotlight.

Aya Nakamura has not stopped creating a buzz on the Web for several years now. Indeed, the famous singer is now very famous. The latter is even famous all over the world.

In fact, Vladimir Boudnikoff’s ex is followed by 2.7 million followers on Instagram. In a very short time, the singer has established herself as a social media star. Impressive, isn’t it?

For many subscribers, Aya Nakamura has truly revolutionized the world of music. With Djadja, La Dot, Pookie or even Jolie nana, the singer has not stopped making an impression since August 2017.

Some internet users qualify the singer as contemptuous and haughty. Indeed, often very criticized, Aya Nakamura does not bother to answer the haters. And yet, last week the pretty woman was not afraid to voice her disagreement.

Fortunately, the trendy singer of the moment has a very loyal fan base. Indeed, in the face of criticism, the pretty singer can count on her many fans. To thank them, she shares her daily life on Instagram. Today, therefore, she shows her passion for food.


Through her many pictures, Aya Nakamura dares to be sexy on Instagram. But the social media star does not hesitate to expose her life as an average woman as well. And that’s not to displease her fans.

Between her life as a mother and her routine as an international star, little Aïcha’s mother often displays her daily life.

On Instagram, fans of the beautiful singer often analyze the latter. And nothing goes unnoticed. In fact, subscribers have noticed Aya Nakamura’s passion for food.

Djadja’s interpreter often shares his meals online. Without any complex, she shows her little cracks. Eh yes ! Yesterday, in Instagram story the singer published a very tempting meal. So she puts her fans in the mouth.

She even adds: “We’re going to binge, TOO good”. Very uninhibited on the subject of food, Aya Nakamura does not hesitate to insist on the quantities. We love !

The young woman does not forget to thank the chef by identifying him on her story. She therefore mentions it: “chef_capo_le_marabout”. So, she advertises him.

In short, the singer has therefore understood how to seduce the Web. Now queen of music, she is also making a name for herself on social networks.

In fact, Aya Nakamura is in the running for the 2021 Victoires de la Musique. We can’t wait to see the rest of her news. To be continued.


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