Aya Nakamura compared character from Game of Thrones


Aya Nakamaura has just released her album. And the latter surprises Laurent Bouneau who has just compared her to a character from Game of Thrones.

Aya Nakamura is being talked about a lot these days. Indeed, the young woman has just released her third album but is currently at the heart of a controversy.

And for good reason, this Friday, November 13, she was to go on the set of Quotidien to promote the latter. But Aya Nakamura never came.

Yann Barthès then declared: “She has planted us. Aya Nakamura has planted us. Not 24 hours ago, an hour, a half hour ago “.

“They rehearsed with his team, they put a checkerboard on the stage, the dancers came out […] we had everything prepared, we liked the album, everyone came except one. Except Aya. Well. Well, too bad ”.

But what annoyed him was that in reality Aya Nakamura was at a party. This is prohibited in confinement, especially since she was not wearing a mask.


Aya Nakamura compared to a character from Game of Thrones!
On M6, she justified herself: “I did something wrong,” admitted the young artist on set. I was not vigilant. I was so happy with the release of my album. Next time I’ll be more careful and everyone will put on a mask. We can listen to music and protect ourselves. ”

Aya Nakamura then made some revelations about her album. “I had a few pieces and the containment went through that. I took the opportunity to work, even if writing songs is not a job. Without this enforced break, this record would not exist. ”

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But if Aya Nakamura is talking about her today, it is for a whole different reason. The young woman has just been compared to a character from Game of Thrones.

Laurent Bouneau, Skyrock boss, spoke about this new album. “Aya is a fighter. She reminds me of Brienne de Torth, the one who defeats all the men in Game of Thrones! “.


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