Aya Nakamura: Camélia Jordana interpreting hit Doudou


To promote her new album, singer Camélia Jordana tackles a song by Aya Nakamura and it’s bluffing. Aya Nakamura is the greatest French-speaking artist of the moment. And all artists admire him. This is why Camélia Jordana wanted to give him a little wink by covering one of her titles.

The 25-year-old singer is at the height of fame. Aya Nakamura breaks all records and is loved by many other artists. Even internationally.

Indeed Aya Nakamura has put the small dishes in the big ones. She called on Colombian Maluma to remix her famous track. Djadja then became a planetary tube.

A real rise for her who never thought she would be successful in the United States. And it is done. For the release of her latest album called “AYA”, the singer had the good surprise to see her face on the giant screens of Times Square.

With such success as his, the new youth idol has nothing to worry about. And it was at the 2021 Victoires de la Musique broadcast on Saturday, February 12 that she shocked viewers.

In fact she performed her song “Favorite”. A rather daring choice for a ceremony like this and which was not to everyone’s taste.

And while netizens criticize his performance, fans were elated. And among her fans we can count the singer Camélia Jordana who wanted to pay tribute to her by performing one of her famous songs.

Aya Nakamura: Camélia Jordana reinterprets her great hit “Doudou”!


Everyone has heard of Camélia Jordana. The 28-year-old is very present on the scene. Because she is both singer and actress.

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But if the singer is talking about her a lot at the moment, it is for her fiery temperament. She says out loud what people are whispering. Which sometimes puts her in difficult situations.

In full promotion of her new album “easy x easy” she does not hesitate to appear on the TV sets to present her album. An album of 20 tracks which offers very different tracks. His two singles “Facile” and “Silence” found their success thanks to their pop side.

But if Camélia Jordana was present on RTL radio this week it was not to sing one of her songs but to test new things. To promote her album she chose a woman she admires a lot, Aya Nakamura.

She took on the French music monster Aya Nakamura. And the result is rather stunning. Accompanied by a simple guitar and without auto-tune, the singer gives us a very intimate performance. Indeed she chose to interpret the last title of her album “Doudou”.

A very daring choice that is out of the ordinary. But that seems to appeal to fans of Camellia Jordana and Aya Nakamura.


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