Aya Nakamura allows photo leaks with Vladimir Boudnikoff!


Although nothing escapes social networks, Aya Nakamura continues to remain a mystery regarding her relationship with Vladimir Boudnikoff!

Saturday November 14, Aya Nakamura was invited to M6’s 1945. Presenter Nathalie Renoux tried to ask the singer about her relationship with Vladimir Boudnikoff.


The reporter wanted to dissect the lyrics of the song “Biff” in which Aya Nakamura says that what she won she won “on her own”.

The latter explains: “I’m talking about a guy and I say that if he doesn’t have the shoulders to be able to be with me, it won’t be possible for us to be together because I assume that when we has a certain lifestyle, Monsieur’s has to be adapted too ”.

Nathalie Renoux seizes the opportunity and then bounces back: “Is there a man who has the shoulders to be with you right now? “. What the star responds “Maybe”, a little embarrassed.

The journalist then insists: “I understand that you have formalized a relationship a bit, right? “. ” Is that so ? Or that? “Asks Aya Nakamura.

“On Instagram,” explains Nathalie Renoux, leading to a moment of hesitation on the set. “Oh yeah okay, I dunno, maybe,” the artist replies.

“We will not go further on this subject,” concluded the presenter of 1945, visibly very uncomfortable.


Nathalie Renoux was not wrong. Just yesterday, Aya Nakamura posted a snapshot on Twitter of her and Vladimir Boudnikoff. And they seemed closer than ever!

Thus, we saw them in each other’s arms, kissing passionately. But, once again, the singer deleted the post from the network!

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According to the outfit the star was wearing, this photo looks like it was taken from the launch party for her new album. Indeed, remember, the singer had made a false leap at “Quotidien” to go to a party in Saint-Denis!

Either way, we’ll have to wait a bit longer for Aya Nakamura to fully embrace her love affair!


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