AWS Failure Also Delayed Amazon Deliveries


AWS: On Tuesday morning (7), a failure in the Amazon Web Service (AWS) servers caused the crash of several services, such as iFood, Prime Video and Disney+. However, the flaw may be worse than it appeared, as Amazon’s worker organizing apps also dropped.

Amazon’s shipping and warehouse applications stopped working after the AWS issue, and the company has confirmed that it is experiencing high error rates in the US-EAST-1 (East) region of the United States.

Employees complained about the failure

In fact, some company employees posted on Reddit that they are not able to access the AtoZ app, which is responsible for managing almost all of the employees’ work. They also revealed that entire warehouses were closed after the troubles — while some truck drivers made deliveries using paper and pen to check loads, classic style.

According to information from Bloomberg, three delivery services partners revealed that the apps used to communicate with Amazon are not working, leaving them without working and not making deliveries, meaning that the failure ended up causing several delays that were not foreseen.

“We’re looking at multiple mitigation paths in parallel and we’ve seen some signs of recovery, but we don’t have an estimated time frame for full recovery right now,” Amazon said in response to the issue.