Awesome Pokémon Fusion combines Latios and Scizor to Create Nightmares


A Pokemon fan has created an impressive fan art in which two Pokemon merge together. Merges are a somewhat unique expression of fandom, and they have been popular in some parts of the Pokemon fan community for over a decade. There are even websites where fans can create their own using any Pokemon that has ever appeared in the series.

Simply put, Pokemon merging is exactly what it should be; merging two or more separate Pokemon. Various fan artists have endlessly creatively combined Pokemon traits over the years, and some of these combinations have allowed for truly impressive new designs. Of course, this is far from a universal result. Some merges may look surprisingly silly or absurd, although these results only add to the charm of the overall idea. Slowpoke and Tyrannitar can create a psychic, water-dwelling behemoth or, just as easily, something much smaller with the signature behavior of Slowpoke. The best Pokemon fusion art always looks very impressive and cool, but sometimes more carefree creations also take place.

However, one of the latest additions to this unique artistic trend does not look stupid at all. Reddit user Purplekaiju28 (via Game Rant) has created an extremely intimidating mix of Scizor and Latios that looks like a trainer’s nightmare. The unnamed blue-black creature has the head, torso and lack of legs of Latios, but at the same time it also has the wings and claws of a Schizor. The color of the spots similar to the eyes of these claws, red compared to yellow in Scizor, helped to provoke comments that the merger resembles a regional variant of the three-headed Hydreigon of the Dragon type. As a result, Pokemon seems extremely dangerous, and it should not be treated lightly.

The popularity of Pokemon mergers is partly due to the creation of online generators that automatically match aspects of different Pokemon. Many online merge websites allow both randomized and specially selected merges of any two Pokemon. Such generators usually work by matching the face and coloring of one Pokemon with the body of another, which can lead to some strange and even unpleasant results. The painted image often allows you to create a more holistic design, although the overall appearance of the “Lacora” from Japeal Pokémon Fusion Generator (Scizor and Latios combined) really corresponds to what can be seen in the impressive piece of Pokémon fan art from Purplekaiju28, albeit with the addition of legs.

Mixing the features of Schizor and Latios in Purplekaiju28 is done very well. The overall design seems solid, and although those who are familiar with Pokemon will recognize it for what it is, the appearance of the merge itself is very spectacular. Being made from pieces of Pokemon design, it actually fits very well into the variety of official entries in the National Pokedex. Of course, even those who can place various design elements are likely to still find fake Pokemon a frightening sight. The dark color scheme is immediately threatening, as are its vicious claws. And although Purplekaiju28 has not yet provided any specific details about the possibilities of his creation, since one of the components of the merger is the legendary Pokemon, his pedigree suggests that a very difficult battle awaits any challenger.