What awaits us with iPadOS 14?


With the introduction of the iPad Pro model into our lives, the iPadOS operating system has started offering users the opportunity to trade more professionally. The iPadOS 14 features, which are expected to be released this year, will take the devices used even further.

What innovations will the iPadOS 14 features include?
Thanks to the Magic Keyboard, iPad Pro users got a MacBook Air level device. However, Magic Keybord does not work efficiently due to some deficiencies in the operating system. For example; it is not yet possible to assign a hotkey for any operation.

Some analysts predict that Apple will add the keyboard shortcut feature to make the keyboard easier to use in the new operating system. For now, iPad Pro users overcome this shortcoming by using the shortcut feature in the operating system.

Easier access to the Control Center and Notifications tab is also an expected feature. iPad models were only used as touchscreen, but after Magic Keyboard, the devices evolved to a different point. For this reason, it is one of the preference reasons for the users to control some features easily through the keyboard.

Apple has released the widget (widget) for the home screen for iPad models. Unfortunately, this feature has limited access. With iPadOS 14, apps are expected to add more advanced options specific to the tools tab.

One of the most excited among iPadOS 14 features is the option to change the default app. Along with the new version, one of the possible features that the default applications can be changed. This feature, which has been in the Android ecosystem for years, has been sought by many Apple users.

Apple Pencil, which does well with iPad Pro, will have more features with iPadOS 14. Users will be able to keep notes more regularly thanks to the feature that allows the handwritten notes to be converted into text. It is also said that this feature will be opened to 3rd party applications.

Apple will add this to the new version of the iPadOS and iOS operating systems, by detecting sounds such as fire alarms, sirens, door handles, door bells, and even babies crying, to increase accessibility by warning people with hearing problems in different ways.


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