Avril Lavigne praises Olivia Rodrigo for her work in rock


2021 has turned out to be a year of great development for Olivia Rodrigo’s musical career, who, after passing through Disney Channel and Disney +, surprised critics and the general public with “Sour”, her debut album that includes songs with great commercial success such as “drivers license”, “deja vu” or “good 4 u”.

Rodrigo’s work has paid off, as the 18-year-old singer has managed to be awarded the title of “Songwriter of the Year” at the annual Variety Hitmakers Brunch event in Los Angeles, where she received high praise. of one of the great figures of pop rock, Avril Lavigne.

Lavigne, who has recently returned to music with the explosive single “Bite Me,” has honored Rodrigo’s work for helping to “revive rock and roll on the music popularity charts” by being in charge of announcing the delivery of this special recognition.

“Olivia’s singles from her album, her Sour, are part of the collective thinking of 2021, and she wrote each one of them,” Lavigne noted in her speech. The 37-year-old Canadian singer began her music career shortly before her 18th birthday with the album “Let Go” in 2002, around the same age that Rodrigo debuted her first musical material.

“I’ve been writing songs since I was five years old and my favorite part of all this is the feeling of writing a song that perfectly captures how I feel better than any conversation I could have,” Rodrigo commented in her acceptance speech. “So accepting this award for songwriting is really meaningful to me.”

Olivia Rodrigo pointed out that moment as “a dream come true” having so many people from all walks of life, background, regardless of gender or sexuality, who manage to identify with her music. This would be the second time Lavigne has praised Rodrigo’s work after noting this year that she possessed an “honest voice” for young fans of hers.