Avowed Will Feature Mechanics Inspired By Skyrim And The Outer Worlds


Avowed, Obsidian’s new RPG, was unveiled last year as a new Microsoft exclusive for Xbox Series X|S and Windows. Aside from the cinematic teaser shown, little is known about RPG. At least until now.

According to Windows Central, a source close to the game’s production would have offered a lot of information about the MS exclusive.

According to the report, Avowed would be a kind of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by Obsidian, adapting several elements seen in the famous Bethesda RPG. For example, the new game would have a large number of classes with different gameplays, in addition to allowing characters to use different weapons in each hand, enabling several different combinations of items for physical and magical damage, for example.

It will be possible to fight with swords, daggers and staffs, being able to cast spells and enchant equipment. The text states that status effects will play a big role in Obsidian’s game. The game will be set in the same universe as the Pillars of Eternity series, featuring three-dimensional visuals for several enemies and monsters previously seen in the franchise.

Also according to the site’s source report, the combat in the new RPG will be focused on action, with the possibility for players to assemble sets of spells, equipment and blows such as kicks and shield attacks. It will also be possible to interact with some items in the scenarios, either burning obstacles or destroying certain elements of the environment.

The site claims to have had access to a pre-alpha version of Avowed, which would have allowed us to take a look at some of the title’s concepts, mechanics and systems. The producer would be working on a playable version to release soon, but there is no confirmation at this time.

Although the game still has no set release date, Windows Central says Microsoft may release more material about the game by the end of this year.


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