Avoid unnecessary battery drain on your iPhone


There are many characteristics that we usually look at when buying a new smartphone, design, performance, reliability, size, photographic section or autonomy itself. The truth is that if there is something that most people want to avoid, it is to be aware all day that their mobile phone does not run out of battery at the most inopportune moment. That is why we are going to show a simple trick with which you can surely extend the autonomy of your iPhone.

The new Cupertino models are capable of working with the 5G mobile networks of certain operators, however, in our country the development of 5G is still in a very very early stage. The truth is that there are already many advances and numerous tests and applications of 5G have been carried out, but perhaps, it is not yet the time to take advantage of these ultra-fast connections.

Now, as soon as we take our iPhone out of the box, it may be configured in its settings to use 5G networks. In this way, the phone itself will be using certain resources to try to detect a network of this type and connect to it. A task that undoubtedly causes totally unnecessary battery consumption, at least for now.

How to turn off 5G on your iPhone

Therefore, what we can do to avoid this unnecessary energy expenditure of the battery of our iPhone is to turn off the 5G of the device. The truth is that it is a fairly simple process, but nevertheless we are going to show how to do it step by step.

The first thing we have to do is enter the Configuration or Settings of the terminal. Once this is done, we tap on the Mobile data option and enter Options> Voice and data. Here it is best to select the 4G or LTE option, which will automatically deactivate 5G and therefore, our iPhone will start to consume less battery.

The truth is that Apple is aware of this detail and hence it has included an interesting configuration option or special mode to keep battery consumption at bay for this reason. The option is 5G automatic, which, as its name suggests, what it does is that the iPhone itself will use the 5G network only when this does not mean unnecessary battery consumption.

Finally, Apple has also included an option to optimize the data we spend through 5G. Within Settings> Mobile data> options> Data mode we find the options Allow more data in 5G, Standard, Reduced data mode.


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