Aviator Jackets have been in Vogue this Winter


The aviator jacket never seems to go out of style – it has become a must-have item for surviving the winter and, as a result, it has been popular this winter as well. For the cooler months, an aviator jacket is an effortlessly laid-back wardrobe staple. It has evolved from its fighter pilot roots over the years, and it now comes in a variety of incarnations and materials, ranging from classic shearling aviator to sherpa aviator.

Its origins may be exquisitely masculine, but that doesn’t mean this style is only for boys. The women’s aviator jacket has been associated with a strong and empowered attitude since it was first worn by female pilot Amelia Earhart. Whether you’re looking for female ones or men’s aviator jackets, one of these models will add extra vintage energy to your outfits (along with keeping you warm).

A Sky Wonderer to Cinematic Love

Whenever you imagine an aviator jacket, you might picture a courageous pilot flying a propeller plane with an open side. In addition to a generous helping of daring-do, the brave boys who flew these metal birds needed a considerable jacket to keep them warm and protected from the elements.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s aptly titled Howard Hughes biopic Aviator brought these heavy designs back to the forefront of fashion (2004). DiCaprio’s leather aviator jacket was layered over a smart suit and tie to contrast the uniformity of the air force with Hughes’ non-conformist and eccentric approach to life.

Be the Charm with Aviator Jackets in Winter

Of course, you don’t have to be a pilot to pull off the look. Alexander McQueen’s autumn/winter 2015 menswear collection gave the classic style a modern twist by combining it with a bomber jacket-inspired cut in a dark camouflage print. This was followed by the label’s womenswear show, which featured a black leather aviator jacket for women. The masculine undertones of the jacket are perfectly offset in photographs from the collection by a delicate white lace dress.

Men can emulate Marlon Brando’s 1950s leather aviator jacket look by dressing in a leather aviator jacket. Wear the jacket with skinny jeans and boots if it’s fitted and black. The brooding expression is optional but strongly advised.

Shearling Aviator keeps you warm

Shearling fabric is most closely associated with the aviator jacket. The skin is expertly tanned after the entire lambskin with the wool attached is removed. Shearling is great for keeping warm in cold weather because it can resist subzero weather.

As seen on the Céline spring/summer 2016 catwalks, pairing a shearling coat with a 90s-inspired slip dress or a silk nightie dress creates a unique appearance. Delicate materials and lace trims are the ideal counterpoints to a ladies’ aviator jacket’s big and bulky form.

Men may stay warm in even the coldest of city winters by wearing a soft camel sheepskin aviator jacket with faded denim trousers and a pair of Tod’s desert boots in a matching shade.

Why Aviator Jackets are considered the best in winter?

Quality, durability, and style should all be considered while designing a decent flight jacket. The fabrics should keep you warm and dry while also being fire resistant (which is especially important if you’re flying on an older plane). It will be well-equipped with pockets for tools such as globes and maps. And, of course, it must be attractive!

Every decent flight jacket should possess a few key characteristics.

What Should You Think About When Buying an Aviator Jacket?

Consider the weather

An aviator jacket should be able to endure inclement weather and be suitable for usage all year. The ideal one will include insulation to keep you warm throughout the winter months while also allowing for sufficient ventilation when the weather warms up.

Choose a look

Aviator jackets come in a variety of styles, including shearling, leather, and sherpa. One of these types will be ideal for you, depending on your preferences.

The front design can help to define a pilot’s personality; some like a more flamboyant design, while others prefer a more subtle design.

Keep in mind that a pilot flight jacket may be fairly costly, so make sure you get one that meets your demands and fits your style preferences. There are lots of options available to suit any budget, whether you’re looking for a wool aviator-style bomber or a leather blouson with multiple front pockets.

The components: high-quality and long-lasting

In our opinion, the two most crucial factors are quality and durability. You don’t want to buy a jacket that will break apart after the first week of use, do you?

Water-resistant and durable fabrics such as leather, wool, or high-quality synthetic material are used to make the greatest aviator flight jackets. The best option depends on your requirements: if you want to wear the coat in wet weather or near water, you should look for a water-resistant fabric.

The jacket’s surface must be water and dirt-resistant, as well as resistant to tearing from sharp items such as metal or rocks.

Your financial situation.

Of course, like any purchase, the personal budget will play a role in selecting the appropriate aviator jacket. Leather flight jackets are frequently the most stable and high options. However, they are usually costly, so if you’re on a tight budget, you might want to try a less expensive imitation leather jacket.

Don’t overlook the importance of pragmatism.

An aviator jacket can not only look nice and feel comfortable, but it should also be functional.

A decent aviator flight jacket will feature several pockets, both internal and external, so you can keep all your tools and supplies together. It is ideal for transporting basics like books, pens, and other equipment.

Ways you can glorify and carry yourself with an Aviator Jacket

An aviator jacket always provides you with the option to personalize it with accessories and another piece of clothing. Here are some tips:

  1. It’s ideal for the workplace. Don’t let the cold ruin your romantic style.
  2. The fit of your pair of pants.
  3. You’ll always have a city feel to you.
  4. It’s about striking a balance between elegance and comfort.
  5. It can be used in a variety of colors.
  6. The oversized variants have their distinct style.
  7. Everything should reflect your personality, including texture, color, style, and fashion.
  8. Master the art of street style like a pro.
  9. You won’t be bothered by the winter cold anymore.
  10. Keeps a dreamlike vibe going.

Don’t let your winter pass by without owning an aviator and expressing yourself along with it. Enjoy these winters and own your sense of style with an aviator jacket.