AVerMedia launched the EzRecorder 330 catcher


The hardware has PC-Free Streaming and support for retro consoles, in addition to other features that we detail below.

AverMedia Technologies, manufacturer of various hardware devices, has announced the EzRecorder 330, which incorporates technology for 4K streaming, as well as the ability to record in 1080p and 60 fps, allowing users to record without the need for a PC. According to the press release, it has an Ethernet connection so that interested parties can stream and record on direct NAS.

With its multi-input capacity, it is possible to record games directly, and not only on previous or new generation consoles. One of the remarkable features is that it can be used with all kinds of retro machines “effortlessly”. According to the press release, it incorporates technology “Instant Highlights, Timer Recording or H.265 encoding to help users record videos with greater flexibility.”

More Features

The EzRecorder 330 not only captures video game games, but also TV shows, sporting events, and more. It has a function to program and even the option to “record retroactively”. AverMedia also explains what PC-Free Streaming consists of: basically, it allows you to stream games from YouTube, Twitch and Facebook without using a computer as an intermediary. “After a single programming, you simply press the Stream button on the included remote control and stream immediately,” they say.

This capturer mounts an HDMI input and A / V composite input, in order to adapt to current and retro hardware. It is even possible to convert VHS tapes to mp4 format. EzRecorder 330 is compatible with external hard drives, micro SD cards, Network Attached Storage, etc. Regarding the type of encoding, the hardware incorporates H.265, a method that compresses the file size without losing the quality of the video or recording. In MeriStation we will soon offer a complete analysis with everything you have to know about the capturer.


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