Avengers Forever: Marvel plans to release a new movie


Marvel is preparing for a new movie, Avengers Forever a new bet and challenge for the MCU

Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame movie may have drawn a line under the Infinity Saga in a suitably epic and monumental way, but no one believed the movie would mark the end of the line for Earth’s mightiest heroes. Will Avengers Forever have a chance to beat the latest Avengers installment at the box office? We will have to find out.

They could have mixed up various pieces on the board in a big way, but given the expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the small screen throughout Phases Four and Five, along with the number of new heroes arriving in both the movies and on television, the next crossover event could be even bigger.

Of course, almost every major Marvel story arc from comic book history has been tied to getting the movie treatment, but Secret Wars seems to be taking shape as the current favorite.

Marvel Brings Release Plans for Avengers Forever

That said, insider Daniel Richtman now claims that the studio is also interested in adapting Avengers Forever, a limited series that was initially published more than two decades ago.

The plot features Kang the Conqueror and the Kree, a villain and a race that we already know will be a big factor in the next MCU roster. On top of that, Avengers Forever also involves gathering team members from the past, present, and future to fight, and with the incoming multiverse, it could present an opportunity to bring back any number of familiar faces to meet the group for one.

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As comic book readers will know, Immortus is the main villain of Avengers Forever, and while that’s one of the few names we haven’t heard recently tied to the franchise, it’s the future version of Kang the Conqueror, so the pieces. of the story are definitely going to be put in their place.

In any case, the next Avengers tier event is likely still a long way off, but you can bet Kevin Feige will be meticulous in his preparations to deliver something that can emulate and surpass the success of the biggest movie ever. .

Although there is nothing confirmed yet and it seems that the rumors sound very strong, Somagnews will keep you informed if this will come to fruition, Would you like to see your favorite heroes of this franchise again? Leave us your comments.


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