Avengers Author Explains Why Captain America Doesn’t Lift Towards Before Endgame


Avengers writer Christopher Markus said in a statement he made the other day why Captain America did not remove the hammer before. According to the statement, the Captain was troubling himself with the secrets Tony Stark kept about his family.

Avengers: Endgame, the last movie of the Avengers series, which has locked the audience on the screen for years, has been the longest movie in the series with a 3-hour screen time. Of course, this movie, which will be the end of a series, also broke a new blockbuster record by causing all Marvel fans to fill the cinemas.

Although Avengers: Endgame is a movie that satisfies Marvel fans in general, some fans complained from several points. One of these points was why Captain America waited until the Endgame movie to remove Thor’s hammer. Here is the explanation from the Avengers authors about this.

Commentary from the author of Avengers:
Avengers: Endgame viewers had a great excitement when they saw Captain America, who removed Thor’s ‘Mjölnir’ hammer. But some Marvel fans complained about it. The response to those complaints was given by the author Christopher Markus.

According to Christopher Markus, the fact that Captain America did not lift attractive before was that Captain still did not reveal secrets about Tony Stark’s family and therefore had a negative place in his mind. For this reason, the Captain did not find himself worthy to use it attractive.

This thought disappeared when Tony Stark learned about Captain America’s secrets in Captain America: War of Heroes. According to Christopher, Captain America was finally ready to lift Thor’s hammer in Endgame’s final battle.

Joe Russo made a different statement:
Of course, there are fans who do not find this statement made by Christopher Markus at all. Last year, Joe Russo claimed in a speech that Captain America could actually lift attractive in the Age of Ultron, but pretended he couldn’t lift Thor to keep him happy.

Even though the Avengers series ends with Endgame, the hammer issue about Captain America still does not seem to have been clarified. Many fans on Twitter react to Christopher Markus ‘latest announcement and remind him of Ross’ statement on this subject.


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