Avatar: The Path of Water The time of the current may have been revealed, and get ready for a long adventure through Pandora


Let’s hope there’s a good place for a bathroom break!

Fans have been patiently waiting for the sequel to James Cameron‘s blockbuster Avatar since 2009. However, the wait has almost come to an end, and it looks like the patience of the fans will pay off now that it has been announced that the screening time of the film has come to an end. three hours, which gives viewers enough time to plunge into the world of Pandora.

According to World of Reel, Avatar: The Way of Water will last a staggering 190 minutes. It’s 3 hours and 10 minutes, if you’re interested. This will mean that the sequel to the action-adventure film will be 30 minutes longer than its predecessor, and only four minutes shorter than Cameron’s 11-time Oscar-winning epic novel Titanic.

What can justify the creation of an action-adventure movie set around the fictional world of Pandora? Based on what we already know about the Avatar sequel, the film and its three planned sequels should become a kind of epic in themselves. Returning actress Sigourney Weaver said in a recent interview that the Avatar sequels are very personal stories for James Cameron, which is why he wrote them for so long and brought them to the screen. It is reported that the story is much more focused on the family and on what you need to go to to save your family. The actress also said that she had read three full scripts and that the subsequent films, in her words, are much more “amazing in scale than the first film.” A more extensive film coverage would explain the need for a longer running time.

Cameron has made a career out of creating critically acclaimed sequels. While the original “Avatar” may not be at the top of James Cameron’s best movie rankings, its popular sequel, “Terminator 2: Judgment Day,” is most likely there.

Like The Way of Water, T2 was a continuation of Cameron’s project, which was sharply criticized for being somewhat, if not completely, derivative. The director’s 1984 horror film “Terminator” was subjected to such criticism. The original “Terminator” was even sued by the famous science fiction writer Harlan Ellison, who claimed that the film was very similar to the two episodes of “Outer Limits” written by him. While Cameron categorically denied the charges and wanted to challenge the case in court, the film’s production company Orion reached an agreement with Ellison. They even went so far as to mention the author in future issues of Terminator.

Many have made similar accusations against “Avatar” for being nothing more than a cross between Ferngully: The Last Rainforest and “Dancing with Wolves”.

Despite all this Terminator drama, Cameron released a sequel almost a decade later that almost everyone agrees is one of the greatest action movies of all time and surpasses its predecessor in every aspect. Perhaps when “The Way of Water” finally comes out, more than a decade after “Avatar,” it will join Cameron’s sequels, which people like more than the original, and its huge duration will be fully justified.

Make sure you’re mindful of your drink intake before returning to Pandora’s world when Avatar 2 hits theaters on December 16. To find out about all the other plans for the coming months, you can check out our schedule for the release of films for 2022.


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