Avatar: The last fan of the air magician creates an incredible temple of air in Unreal Engine 5


Despite the fact that the first premiere took place almost two decades ago, the Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom is arguably stronger than ever before. The hugely popular animated series originally ended in 2008, and over the past decade it has gained more and more passionate fans. This passion can be easily conveyed through the visualization by one of the fans of how one of the iconic places of the series could look in Unreal Engine 5.

The hugely popular anime-inspired franchise, set in a world where humans can control the elements, is undergoing a kind of revival, and several upcoming projects are planned for the ATLA universe. Avatar Studios was created last year, which will reportedly lead at least three new animated films in addition to a host of other projects.

Posted by Leo Torres, the approximately minute-long clip shows stunningly photorealistic footage of “Avatar: The Western Temple of Air” by the last elemental magician. This location is important in the story of the original series, where the Avatar Team seeks refuge after a failed attempt to invade the Fire Nation, and where Prince Zuko finally convinces Aang and the others to let him join them. The video shows the characteristic inverted towers of the Western Temple of Air, attached to the ledge of a rocky cliff. Relaxing music and the sound of the wind create a calm, serene scene, and realistic textures and physics help to convey the majestic immensity of it all.

The creator notes that the footage is just a test, and the version of the Western Temple of Air is still under development. Although there hasn’t been a lot of information about what fans can expect from official video games, but it is reported that several Avatar video games are in development: The Last Airbender, including console RPG and MMORPG. Unfortunately, there is not much other information, be it available platforms, genre or even artistic style.

Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Western Air Temple is not the only famous place from the animated series, recently recreated on the popular game engine. Someone also used Unreal Engine 5 to recreate Shiganshina from Attack of the Titans. The infamous doomed area, from which the saga of the main character Eren Yeager begins, has also been recreated with incredible detail, even with the image of a Colossal Titan peeking out from behind a wall. Although it’s not as photorealistic as the Avatar: The Legend of Aang video, the footage is certainly impressive and shows how creative fans of the TV show can be.

Until more information about ATLA video games becomes available, fans of the series are getting creative. One fan even managed to recreate the iconic opening scene of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” in Genshin Impact, using Shikanoin Kazuha as Aang. Let’s hope that the news will appear sooner rather than later, when gamers will be able to properly immerse themselves in the beloved world of Avatar: the last Airbender.


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