Avatar returns to China and threatens record Avengers


China would have revealed plans to release James Cameron’s Avatar (2009) in theaters again. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the body responsible for regulating film productions in the country would have approved a surprise initiative for science fiction to be shown starting next Friday (12), making it available nationally in 3D and Imax 3D.

According to the vehicle, two cinema management companies would have confirmed the strategy, designed to attract consumers and generate good revenue for the industry. In addition, if the action takes place, the film could restore the position of highest box office in history, a position held by Avengers: Ultimatum, with $ 2.97 billion.

Therefore, it would be enough for Pandora’s blockbuster to raise $ 7.4 million to claim the crown. Avatar is a very successful title for the Chinese, an audience responsible for breaking debut records at the time of the original release in Beijing. At the time, several news channels showed kilometer lines to clear rooms, including in outdoor areas surrounded by snow.

Due to the stoppage of production and its consequent delay in launching around the world, due to the pandemic, the reopening should occur gradually, until there is greater security on a large scale. For Collider, “as people get vaccinated and feel comfortable returning to cinemas, the use of old films can provide a good transition period [for the definitive resumption]”.

In view of new waves of the virus, the initiative is contested on the part of the Chinese industry, whose defense is that the state distribution Film Group presses the postponement of the exhibition of the feature for at least another week or two. The idea is to prepare the spaces more adequately for the public. Despite this, the announcement for ticket sales is expected to occur soon.


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