Avatar: Pandora’s Borders should show more of the western border


Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora has been attracting the attention and curiosity of fans since its first announcement. Coming out at a time when the Avatar franchise is beginning a kind of cultural revival, the game has already interested an audience that wants to learn more.

Thanks to the fact that Avatar: Pandora’s Borders received a new teaser trailer at the Disney D23 convention, fans were able to take another look at how the game world will look like. The game is reportedly set in an unexplored part of Pandora known as the Western Frontier, but given how mysterious this region is, the game should give fans a more informed look at what to expect before launching.

Avatar Basics: Pandora’s Borders

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is an upcoming first—person action adventure set in an open world. The game is being developed by Ubisoft’s subsidiary, known as Massive Entertainment, and is currently scheduled for release in 2023. Pandoras. As in the plot of the 2009 record-breaking film, the main antagonistic force in the title will be the RDA, or Resource Development Authority, which is a non-governmental organization headed by people who seek to deprive Pandora of her natural resources.

The western border of Pandora is positioned as a previously unseen region of the planet, removing the ambitious name from the main plot of the record-breaking 2009 film Avatar, giving it a more unique personality. At the same time, given how many fans are interested in getting more detailed information about the title, Ubisoft may need to contextualize Western Frontier in the near future to make the most of the recent fan interest.

Avatar’s Western Border: Pandora’s Borders

Everything fans currently know about Pandora’s Western Frontier comes from trailers and promotional images that Frontiers of Pandora has already released. This understanding has recently been somewhat reinforced by the demonstration of Disney and Marvel games.

In addition to a short trailer at the event, Disney and Marvel Games Showcase also unveiled game footage for the upcoming Avatar: Reckoning, an open-world MMORPG developed for mobile devices in the same universe. Since many note that fans have seen more of “Reckoning” than “Borders”, despite the fact that the latter was announced a long time ago, Ubisoft needs to draw attention to “Pandora’s Borders” and its setting again.

From the trailers and screenshots, fans can see that the Western Border of Pandora is physically similar to the regions depicted in the movies, and boasts a wide range of biomes. Given the perceived scale of the game world, fans will be able to interact with various environments in a way that was previously impossible, and Ubisoft would have succeeded in further outlining this perspective ahead of the game’s release. It is imperative that Ubisoft act sooner rather than later to maintain and develop the interest surrounding Frontiers of Pandora, we hope to reveal more about how the Na’vi interact with races in this new region compared to other parts of Pandora.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is in development for PC, PS5, Stadia and Xbox Series X/S.


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