Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora Will Have Mandatory Ray Tracing


Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora’s technical director revealed in an interview that it won’t be possible to turn off ray tracing in Ubisoft’s next big open world title. The game relies on technology and is fully geared towards the new generation, as explained by interviewee Nikolay Stefanov.

“Avatar will be a title that only works with ray tracing. But we are developing the game so that its quality and performance are scalable”, declared the developer to the German website GameStar.

The decision could hurt older systems that simply don’t have hardware-level acceleration for this kind of rendering, which is why Stefanov spoke of “scalable” performance and quality. According to the technical director of Frontiers of Pandora, the idea is that it will be possible to perform ray tracing at the software level on older systems.

This raises a concern about the impact on game performance, but the Ubisoft representative also tried to reassure people in this regard, saying that in this mode the new version of Snowdrop – the game’s engine – is being able to run ray tracing in a ” surprisingly fast”. This is a line that reminds a little of the promise of Cyberpunk 2077 to run “very well” a generation ago.

But Stefanov made it clear in his interview that Avatar: Fronties of Pandora is fully geared towards the new generation, also highlighting the importance of an SSD to run the game. So, if you plan to play on PC and don’t have a ray tracing compatible GPU, it might not be entirely necessary to buy a new one, but at least the SSD has to be guaranteed.


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