“Avatar 2” Star Explains Why Underwater Work Was the “Hardest” Thing He Ever Had To Do


James Cameron is a director whose name is synonymous with vivid visual effects and cutting—edge technology. A case in point: the Avatar franchise, in which the original 2009 film breaks records and demonstrates stunning innovations in the field of motion capture. They are looking forward to the sequel “The Way of Water”, which required extensive filming underwater from the actors. And Avatar star Sam Worthington recently explained why it was the “hardest” thing he’s ever had to do.

Sam Worthington plays the main character Jake Sully in the Avatar franchise, and his character becomes a full-fledged Na’vi by the end of James Cameron’s first blockbuster. “The Way of Water” and its sequels apparently required more motion capture, as well as filming at the bottom of a pool with people like Kate Winslet. In a recent interview with Empire Magazine (via Deeperblue) Worthington explained how difficult it was to shoot all these films underwater. As he put it,

This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. You are dealing with the limitations of freediving, the limitations of capturing movement underwater, and you are trying to maintain an emotional journey while you are innately struggling with the fear of death.

He’s right. While trying to portray emotions as a character is difficult enough, it can be difficult to control facial expressions when you’re worried about the possibility of drowning. So it looks like Sam Worthington has had his share of obstacles while filming his long-awaited role in Avatar 2. We just need to see how these difficulties (and extensive visuals) will eventually play out when the blockbuster sequel hits theaters.

Sam Worthington’s comments on Empire are taken from an exclusive magazine article about Avatar: The Way of Water. James Cameron’s return to Pandora has been expected for a long time, and fans have been waiting for the continuation of the story for more than a decade. Thankfully, the anticipation has been warmed up thanks to theme park attractions such as Avatar Flight of Passage.

Although it was difficult for Sam Worthington to shoot underwater for Avatar 2, he probably had to get used to it. After all, it seems that a lot of attention has been paid to the Na’vi freediver community known as The Metkayina; water is literally in the title of the film. Kate Winslet broke the world record while filming her upcoming role of Ronal, so it was apparently easier for her to star in sequels, as well as reunite with James Cameron from Titanic. Below you can see the first teaser of “The Way of Water”.

Information about the plot of Avatar 2 is largely kept secret, but as we approach its release, more tidbits and images have been published. There will be a time jump in the film, and he will tell about the new family of Sally and Neytiri. We will also see the return of the villainous RDA and see how the Na’vi clans unite to protect the planet Pandora.

“Avatar: The Way of Water” will finally be released in theaters on December 16. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie.