Avatar 2: a picture of the filming unveiled!


Good news ! The filming of Avatar 2 is finished for this year! Fans have never been so close to discovering the aftermath of the Na’vi clan’s adventures.

Finally ! We have news of the Avatar sequel! Indeed, the Twitter account of the film has just unveiled a photo of the shoot. On this one, we can see a boat, a swimming pool and a team more motivated than ever! Good news for fans, who have been waiting for far too long. And yes … The first part of Avatar already dates from December 16, 2009. And if the movie lovers have grown since the release of the film, they are still impatient!

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait a little while since the release of Avatar 2 is scheduled for December 2021. Two more years! If the information is still very broad we know that the original cast should be back and that the ship in the picture is called The Sea Dragon. This would be, according to the production, “a massive mothership that carries a range of other boats at sea in the suites. ”

James Cameron had signed, with this film, a true work of art. Indeed, in 10 years, Avatar was considered the biggest success in the history of cinema. And for good reason ! It is also the most expensive. With over $ 200,000,000 in budget, Avatar broke many records! In particular that of the first film to reach 2 billion of recipe! In total, he had collected 10 awards including 3 Oscars!

After Titanic, James Cameron has signed another global success thanks to Avatar! And it has just lost its place of greatest success because of the release of Avengers Endgame. In short, everything is in the hands of James to make us travel again on Pandora!



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