Avatar 2: James Cameron reveals new images from the film!


Avatar 2 already promises to be James Cameron’s flagship film in 2021. Photos are currently circulating on the web and fans are delighted!

The new images of Avatar 2 are making buzz right now on the net. We are revealing everything about James Cameron’s new project!

Avatar 2 will soon be making a comeback! First, James Cameron took a long time to complete this new project. It must be said that the first installment pulverized the scores of the world box office in 2009. Thus, it had even become the most profitable film of the year with 2.78 billion dollars of receipts. However, Avatar has given up its number 1 spot to Avengers: Endgame, which grossed nearly $ 2.79 billion in 2019.

However, Avatar 2 may also experience success at the box office! Indeed, the story of the former marine Jake Sully in Pandora (the land of the Na’vis), won over a large audience. In fact, James Cameron surprised everyone at the time, by taking a camera to film the scenes in 3D. In addition, he used innovative special effects for this film! His work has conquered the world!

Avatar 2 is slated for 2021. However, James Cameron has released a few frames from the film. The decor has changed. Thus, the Na’vis fly on the back of their Toruk near the water. He wanted to show another side of Pandora! The fans seem already won over and the photos are already going around social networks.

However, James Cameron used cameras for Avatar 2 that could film underwater. Besides, in 2010, he had decided to explore the Pacific funds in the Marianas pit. Aboard a mini submarine, it descended almost 11 km deep, a feat hailed by researchers. In addition, last October, an image of the star filming a fiery maritime decor, had gone around the web. Finally, James Cameron has indeed planned suites for 2023 and 2027.


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